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Saturday 18th August 2018


God has created this Universe,health_1 birds, animals, plants, living creatures and micro-organisms. Out of all these creations, human is a unique and indeed a splendid creation. He has given many good gifts to humans such as excellent body structure, good mind, wonderful thinking ability, extraordinary intellectual power and along with that human has acquired a lot of stress. The stress given to us is good
because it shows us the right direction of  how to find out the solution and how to meet the challenges of our life and that’s the reason one must know the details about the stress.

Stress is inevitable in our lives. In today’s world it is as much a part of our lives as breathing and walking. It is not simply anxiety or nervous tension. All stresses are not bad.

ESTRESS – It is the positive stress which is required to keep us motivated to do a particular task.
DISTRESS – It is the harmful stress, having detrimental effects on our personal and professional lives.
NEU-STRESS – Indifferent behavior develops stress on mind.
INTERNALLY GENERATED STRESS – It comes from a tense, hurried approach in life or from relationship problems caused by our own behavior with others.
ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS – It is caused by environmental stressors like noise, crowding, pollution, untidiness dirt or other distractions.
JOB STRESS – Caused by stressors at the work environment itself like task demands, job insecurity, work overload, role ambiguity, role conflict, group pressures, leadership styles, personalities and behavior etc.

1. Extra Organizational Stressors – Social technological changes, family relocation, economic and financial condition and community condition.
2. Organizational Stressors – Policies, structure, physical condition and processes.
3. Group Stressors
a) Lack of group cohesiveness.
b) Lack of social support.
c) Conflicts.
4. Individual Stressors –
a) Role characteristics: Multiple roles, role conflict and role ambiguity.
b) Personal characteristics: Type A & B

1. Physical effects: Blood Pressure, heart problems, sleeping troubles,sour eyes, sweaty palms, shaky hands, muscular problems.
2. Physiological effects: Anger, anxiety, irritability, poor memory, depression, nervousness, tension, lowering of self esteem, loss of confidence etc.
3. Behavioral effects: Under-eating, over-eating, sleeplessness, increased smoking, drinking, drug abuse, withdrawal, spouse abuse, child abuse, disinterest in work, noncooperative attitude, pessimistic behavior.


Do one thing at a time                                                                                              Don’t bite more than you can chew.
Relax and enjoy life to the fullest                                                                        Don’t forget a little kindness and don’t remember a little fault.
Laugh heartily when you are amused                                                                Do not get into the habit of procrastinating.
Practice self-control for a minute daily                                                            Don’t let criticism bother you.
Count your blessings and say one minute prayers as often as                Don’t expect gratitude from your near and dear ones.
Say thank you and sorry promptly                                                                     Don’t compare yourself or your loved ones with others.
Learn to say no and accept no                                                                              Don’t allow others to encroach in your personal space.
Always arrive 15 minutes early for an appointment                                   Don’t ignore your health.
Be proud of what you do
Manage your time as you manage your money.


  • Take inspiration from your diety.
  • Be Sukhiram and not be Dukhiram.
  • Keep attitude positive and not negative.
  • Cows don’t give milk, it has to be extracted drop by drop.
  • Respond and don’t react.
  • Manage your time as you manage your money.
  • Learn to love what you do for a living.
  • Get along with people nicely.
  • Say thank you and sorry instantly.

Direct Coping – health_3Change the stress response going to root of the problem, positive attitude and regular exercise.
Defensive Coping – Mental or physical escape from stressful situation.
Dysfunctional coping – Alcoholic overweight.

Thus, in this cut throat competition if one wants to live peacefully with the mental satisfaction, one has to manage his own stress properly otherwise stress will manage us.


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The stunning results of the 2014 General Election

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The stunning results of the 2014 General Election

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The stunning results of the 2014 General Election

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The contingent marches on horses on Republic Day


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