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Saturday 18th August 2018


In this issue I have got this opportunity to write about two Indians who are verythumb different in cultures, upbringing, gender, stature, professions, yet they both are associated with the same set of functionalities. They both are very inspiring to our team and will be to, I am sure, all our readers as well. Here are these two distinct personalities, Ch. Anil Kumar, the Ex- MLA Patparganj, and Mrs. Cynthia Kumar, who holds distinct positions at different places; she is Managing Director, Gem Expertise and Director at Delhi Diocese Trust Association, apart from being the Vice President of Sur Nirman – Educational & Cultural Society. These two have got associated for a single cause, HUMANITY.

“Very few people live, others just exist”. This is how Voltaire defined leaders with vision. Today, on one hand, what we see is a huge chunk of corrupt leaders from different political parties, leading to the uproar amongst the citizens for the complete political environment of the country. On the other side, we have the “hope” factor being raised through the eyes of the young and vibrant leaders, who are fighting to achieve peace, and happiness for the country. Though there is no dearth of young leaders in today’s India but surely there are few with the word “exceptional “stamped on their CV’s. Choudhary Anil Kumar, Ex -MLA of Patparganj,has become a youth icon for his people in a very short span of his political career so far.

Ch.Anil Kumar is one of those leaders who considers life and opportunities presented to him as blessings not as money spinning machine. His various programs as student leader, whether it was organizing blood donation camps, which incidentally was the largest Delhi has ever seen, or the campaign against the growing menace of AIDS, he was at the fore front and apart from organizing it, he was at the fore front to donate blood himself.

His works did not go unnoticed and in assembly election of 2009, he was elected as a MLA from Patparganj, East Delhi to the Delhi legislative assembly. Subsequently he was also nominated the Chairman of District Development Committee, East Delhi, and Delhi Govt.

Taking the baton for the development of Patparganj, he started from the scratch.in_page Inside the backward areas of Shashi Garden, East Delhi, lies this poor village called ShastriMauhalla, which was known for all the crimes present in our society. There was one rehabilitation camp, which was taken over by the drunk men, who were running the gambling business inside this. This area came under the then MLA, Ch. Anil Kumar, who took the initiative to transform this area for the betterment of society. Ch. Anil Kumar met Mrs. Kumar and got very impessed with her work and he convinced Mrs. Kumar to capture this area under her and train the girls residing in that area.

Mrs Cynthia Kumar is the Vice – President of an educational & cultural society called SUR NIRMAN, an NGO which deals with the upliftment and education of poor women, girls, empowering them to stand on their own in this world full of challenges for them. A lady with a substance, Mrs Kumar believes in fighting against the crime and motivating everyone around to do the same and so she got impressed with the idea of taking the charge of Shahshi Garden area and today, she is running this Centre in ShashiGarden all by herself in the name of SUR NIRMAN. She feels she is as powerful as the athlete and every women should have this sense of power within to stand for the right, no matter how difficult the path is.

In the words of Mrs. Kumar, “Ch. Anil Kumar came to us in our Head office in Delhi Gate. When he saw the kind of work we were doing, he got very impressed with it and since I reside in Patparganj, he convinced me to take care of this backward area which used to come under his constituency at that time. The words of him that in case I made a difference to somebody’s life will make him feel like he has been to a pilgrimage, touched my heart. The first time I entered this place, I became very negative and refused to work here as the moment I entered I saw so many men drunk in the noon time, playing cards and speaking abusive language. But somehow I made up my mind and with the help of Ch. Anil Kumar and the SHO, I was able to design a new dawn for this area. Today when my girls take classes here since 12pm to 5pm, no man can be seen nearby the vicinity of the School.”

The different kinds of classes are going on related to Stitching, English Speaking, Computer Education, Beauty Culture, and Mehendi Designing.Mrs Kumar heads a team of 20 women who organizes Mahila Panchayat, every tueday for two hours to solve the disturbed cases among men and women, through special investigation done by this group of women, finding out who the real culprit is – men or women,  and then the judgement is been passed. This panchayat has catered to serious crimes like Women trafficking, child marriage, dowry and rape cases. Due to the lack of education and poverty, crime rate is very high.

Upon asking how she handles such tough situations, Mrs. Kumar replied, “First of all I have kept a lot of strictness in my centre. No girl is allowed to use Mobile phones. In case of an emergency, they can take the phone from the incharge assigned in the Centre. No girl is allowed to leave before time, and the one who misses the class gets traced out by the team of Mahila Panchayat as she is called upon from her home. Secondly I am making these girls work to afford their own education and they have been trained with such thoughts that bring about the feeling of creating a name for themselves in the world.”

Mrs Kumar has trained a girl, Gulabsha, whom she has adopted, for taking care of the entire Centre in her absence. Gulabsha belonged to a very poor family and she has such a great passion to make a name for herself. She is so greatful to Mrs. Kumar and gives all the credit to her for her present life. “It is Only because of mam that I have been able to achieve so much… kabhisochanahithaki main bhiapneghar se baharjaake logon se baatkarkekaamkarpaungi, mere hunarkopehchanmilegi… aj mere banaye hue kapdon k liyedelhikiachi markets se demand aanelagihai. Main in paiso se apnipadaipurikarkeapnawajudbanaungi.”

Interestingly we interacted with few girls, who felt so delighted to speak to us and share their experiences. Naznin, 16, who comes to learn stitching shared a great reason to learn it, “I feel in today’s world every girl should have a caliber to stand on her foot as even after marriage its not necessarily that your husband will support you. So one should be independent and I will be like that.”

Reshma, 15, comes to learn beauty culture. Upon asking why she has joined it she said, “I enjoy the learning process of this centre a lot. I always wanted to have my own beauty parlour and I think from here my journey will be successful.”

Naaz, 14, a student learning ambroidry said, “I love coming here and interacting with my teachers. There is so much to learn from them. As I belong to a very poor family, my sister and me come here to learn stitching so that we can help our families by working.” It was truly a delightful experience that I had and I completely agree with Mrs Kumar words, “There is no other work in the world that will give you this much satisfaction then the fact that your efforts can help such girls to grow and be someone in life.”


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