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Sunday 23rd September 2018


It is well known across the globe that our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is an active, bold,thumbambitious, and a result oriented PM, who religiously believes in the development and prosperity of all. Such a positive attitude of Mr Modi is also reflected through his grandiloquent speeches.

India is the largest democratic country which is divided into different religions and faiths, castes, communities. And in the current scenario, Mr Modi is confronted by two major problems: economic recovery and tinsel-blinded hecklers of VHP, RSS and other Hindu religious organisations as well as Muslim organisations. First, let me discuss about the economic recovery angle since it is related directly to the day to day life of a common man.

It seems that Mr Modi has primarily harnessed eight months in the government to let the people of the world know about him and his way of working as a PM. There is no denying the fact that having been a state Chief Minister of Gujarat for three times he has all the vast political as well as administrative experience to handle all types of situations. On the economic recovery front, nothing substantial in 8 months is visible as such. Prices of the essential commodities have increased manifold during eight months. Before Lok Sabha elections the BJP used to blame the UPA-II for the price rise due to black marketing. If the black market is solely responsible for the price rise, then what are the concrete steps or measures taken by the NDA government in eight months to root out black marketing.

The prices of sugar and tea have increased by 10 percent in the previous eight months. Private hospitals have raised consultation as well as medical test fee, which will directly add a financial burden to the government treasury. The government employees who are entitled to reimbursement of medical expenses are under pressure to cope up with the rising consultation and medical test fee. I cite an example of a Rockland hospital, which has increased consultation fee for government employees from Rs 58 to Rs 150 per visit. It seems that the Health Ministry is in deep slumber when all these rates were revised.

I now come to the railway fare hike, which is also directly attached to the heart of a common man. The NDA government has increased railway fare by blaming that the increase was introduced by the UPA-II, hence the railway fare hike was not our act. If we happen to go to New Delhi Railway Station, the car parking rates are revised from Rs 20 to Rs 50 per hour from the month of January, 2015. On inquiring about the issue, I was told that the department of the Railway Ministry has revised the tender fee and consequently the rates have been revised. Is this development or prosperity of a common man?

The government has withdrawn excise concession for the auto industry, which would negatively impact the sale of the car. The state banks are continuously struggling to recover the loans granted to various private companies. Black money comes or not God Knows. The promise of Rs 15 Lakh in the account of every Indian made by Mr Modi will reverberate time and again in both the Houses of Parliament. The large scale privatisation of the public sector is worsening the livelihood of the vast majority of the people. Quick reform agendas in different directions international trade, foreign investment, insurance, electricity without deep deliberations will definitely create more unemployment. The dream of ` Make in India` will never be fulfilled by ignoring the local issues directly related to the Indian industry.

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has warned that the economy cannot see a comeback unless domestic demand rises extensively. With the burgeoning unemployment in every sector of the industry, we are still a nation of job seekers. Good governance can be delivered only when faster decision making, quicker implementation and a more responsive bureaucracy is made crystal clear.

Education is more important for the young India. Despite significant increases in the last budget, India has a shortage of 1.5 million qualified teachers and a majority of existing teachers are not trained effectively. The irony is that the lives of 240 million children in India are at stake.

Now I come to the tinsel-blinded hecklers of VHP, RSS, other Hindu organisations. Mohan Bhawat, Pravin Togadia, Sakshi Maharaj, Niranjan Sadhvi, Ashok Singhal, and Yogi Adiyanath, the list is long, so I limit myself with these few names. In the recent past, a sensible person can make out from the television speeches that Mr Modi is upset with the prominent leaders of these organisations because of their uncivilised behaviour in the public.

Sadhvi Prachi has crossed all limits by saying that a Hindu woman should have four children, one can become an engineer, one can become a doctor, one can protect the borders and one can be devoted to the cause of social services at the VHP`s Virat Hindu Conclave. This is a totally absurd suggestion put forth by Sadhvi Prachi. The population in 2050 is expected to reach 1.6 billion, taking over China as the most populous country in the world. If a couple takes the suggestions seriously as pronounced by Prachi it will put a further strain on India`s resources. India is already grappling with poverty, illiteracy, unemployment. This is how the leaders of the VHP are hell bent to cause damage to the unblemished personality of Mr Modi. Over this issue Modi`s silence is worrying the intellectuals. The promise of ` ache din ` is in danger of being frittered away in case the secular fabric of the country is broken and insulted by the so called nationalists and pseudo-patriots.

It must be kept in mind that peace and prosperity could be ensured only when there is no religious and social conflict. By adulation for Nathuram Vinayak Godse what Hindu Mahasabha wanted to prove. Hindu Mahasabha cannot change the pages of the history since the world knows that Gandhi, a father of the nation, was killed by Godse. Mrs Indira Gandhi was killed by the Sikh bodyguards. History will remain a witness to the fact. So it is a futile exercise on the part of the hecklers to annihilate the historical facts.

Muslims are the citizens of India. They are equally responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in the society. Muslim heckler Akbaruddin Owaisi, brother of MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has no right to insult Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Islam like Hinduism does not promote religious animosity, hatred, violence & intolerance. Leaders of both the communities must exercise limits to free speech. If anyone has a grievance against any government or religious leaders or organizations one must register protest through lawful means. The lawlessness will disintegrate the country.

There is an urgent need to muzzle the mouth of these fire frothing leaders permanently for the blossom of “Sab Ka SAATH, Sab Ka VIKAS” idea.

Religious conversion either forcibly or by allurement will certainly promote social and religious cleavages among the communities. All the Hindus, Muslims, Christians leaders should relook at the Preamble of the Indian Constitution that says: “ WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVERIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY”. If anyone violates the constitution of India it means that he or she should be declared as anti-national irrespective of party affiliation or religious faith.

The crux of the story is that our Secular Democratic Republic can be kept alive and united only by allowing all communities to flourish and enjoy the fruits of the development and prosperity.

Muhammad Iqbal “ Rise above sectional interests and personal ambitions….. Pass from matter to spirit. Matter is diversity; spirit is light, life, and unity”. This is what we need to preach and practise.

I have mentioned small small things because I feel strongly that discontentment will harden in the hearts of the common man against the NDA government and will explode sooner or later like a volcano in case these kinds of small pressing issues are not addressed by each and every department concerned.

In spite of all the challenges before Mr Modi the country has reposed trust in him that he will lead the country to greater heights.



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