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Saturday 18th August 2018


“It is important to be fit to golf1play golf so that you can play to your potential and also to avoid injuries”.

Pritam Saikia is a well recognized name in Golf Industry as he is considered as one of the best Golf Coaches of the country and is currently the Director of instruction at Ultimate Golf Performance Centre at Golden Greens Golf Course.
Pritam Saikia is also a TPI certified sports fitness instructor and a golf club fitter, and thus has a very unique and practical approach to teaching golf.
He has coached Top professional golfers like

  • SSP CHOWRASIA (One of the top players on the Asian Tour Merit List and a European tour card holder)
  • Siddikur Rehmann (One of the best Asian tour professionals)
  • CHIRAGH KUMAR (Previous India no.1)
  • DIGVIJAY SINGH & JYOTI RANDHAWA (both have won many tournaments, in India, on the Asian tour and even on the PGA tour)
  • ARSHDEEP TIWANA (one of the best players on the PGTI)
  • Abhishek Kuhar (one of India’s youngest Professional golfer)
  • Aditya Singh

And nurtured Top Amateur Golfers like:

  •  Kushal Singh
  • Arjun Malik

He initially taught only professional golfers and did not start coaching Amateurs until recently. Even now Amateur golfers have to wait for a couple of weeks to receive golf lessons from Mr.Saikia because of his busy schedule.
In a sporting interview by Mr. Ratnesh Sinha, our Correspondent, Mr. Pritam discloses his life journey details and much more. Here are the excerpts:

Q. How would you describe your journey of Golf?
I started golf in my early teens and after going through quite successfully in the junior tour, success followed in the amateur circuit as well. I was a regular member of the Indian professional circuit for six years. During the last four years I have traveled throughout the world with one of the most successful Indian Professional golfers S.S.P.Chowrasia as his Swing coach and fitness
trainer and have been fortunate to observe the very best golfers of the world from very close quarters.
I am a NGAI certified golf instructor and a Titleist TPI certified level 2 golf professional. I am also a certified sports fitness and conditioning professional from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) U.S.A and K-Vest certified golf instructor. I have worked with and currently work some of the top tour pros of the country Jyoti Randhawa, Chirag Kumar, Digvijay Singh, SSP
Chowrasia , Gaurav Ghei to name a few.

Q. It is widely believed that golfers, like other sportsmen do not need to be as physically sound and fit. What are your views on this disposition, why do you think it has arisen and how can it be changed?
A lot a golfers who play golf suffer from some kind of injury or the other. A driver swing which is the longest club in the golf bag uses about 95 percent of the total power that a body can generate, and a normal golfer hits around 14 of these in a round and atleast 20 on the driving range. So the golf swing does take a toll on the body. So it is important to be fit to play golf so that you can play to your potential and also to avoid injuries. And the fact that a lot of the new generation of professional golfers are taking up to fitness is also proof that you need to be physically fit to play to your potential.

Q. How would you define Biomechanics?
I was India’s first golf Coach to incorporate the notion of physical fitness with golf, and this method is called Biomechanics. I am a firm believer of it. I soon realized that fitness played a key role in the performance of professional golfers as well as those who play the game for recreational purposes. I believe that the body has to be able to achieve certain positions and postures to be able
to hit the golf ball consistently. This belief was further strengthened after I met Dr.Greg Rose at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).
I received his certification for golf fitness at the TPI in 2009 and I use the TPI screening method to detect flaws in the muscular balances which would prevent a golfer from having a consistent and repetitive golf swing. It’s not just the number of balls one hits at a practice session which is important, but how well you structure these sessions to achieve concrete results is also a major factor for your success.

Q. What advise would you give to all the leisure golfers, i.e., who play golf as a hobby, and who want to reduce their handicaps?
My advice to them is come to me to improve your game hahahaha. On a serious note get some quality instruction, get good equipment and practice will make one improve their game.


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